Do you want communications advice that makes a MEASURABLE difference?

Does your business sound the part? Or is work slipping away to your competitors — to organisations that don’t have anything like your substance, but who look right to the market?

Do you need to persuade a board or convince a community? Do you need to bring your team with you as you make big changes?

Are you having trouble attracting top-shelf employees because the best people don’t (yet) know who you are?

Or are you in an industry targeted by activists who know how to make a noise in the media? Do you need a sophisticated response ready for fast rollout if the spotlight swings onto one of your sites or projects?

Strategic communications advice and implementation

Strategic communications means…

We land with our sleeves rolled up, ready to unpack decades of experience and battle-tested methodologies. Together, we’ll work out where you’re at now. From there, we’ll work out the most direct route to where you need to be.

Strategic implementation means…

We won’t dump you with a PowerPoint and run away. A colour printout won’t get the job done, however many fat pie charts and bullet points it includes.

Our clients are businesses that don’t need a rest after they’ve listed the action points. Our clients expect the actions. And we’re the same. Once we’ve agreed the strategy with you, we’ll pull together a right-sized team. That be might be one person or it might be a group of specialists. Either way, it will be a lean team because it will be made up of the best in the business.

  1. Branding strategy & implementation
  2. Change management
  3. Internal communications
  4. Stakeholder engagement
  5. Media management & training / public relations / crisis PR
  6. Content creation & publishing – social media, newsletters, sales campaigns
  7. Presentation skills training, development of presentations & speeches
  8. Customer insights
  9. Customer journey mapping & UX/UI design
  10. Sales strategy & campaigns

Keeping communications out of the drawer and on the agenda

Your communications strategy belongs on a dashboard, not in a drawer. More than that, it needs to be on the board’s agenda. We work with CEOs, CMOs and boards to develop sustained marketing, communications and branding that works. Continuous action and refinement yields the biggest results.

We make sure your investment in a communications strategy is rewarded by tactical work that comes with proof that it’s working. Implementing tactics with success metrics might involve directing your resources or supplementing them. Whatever the right fit for you, we will set things up so you’re always able to see proof that your tactics are delivering. That way, you’re not left with theory. You’ve got a practical strategy — a system; the capability to execute, and evidence that it’s working.

Before working with us, many of clients would tell you honestly that their communications were “clumsy” or “occasional”. After working with us, their communications are proactive and consistent. Now, they’re adding up the results in growth and cohesion across business units that used to “do their own thing”.

Solid advice delivered straight

Our experience comes from business, so results underpin everything we do. When you speak to the market with the right “voice”, you don’t lose work you should have won.

Our approach to finding your voice and getting results is simple but effective…

Authenticity: We’ve done our job right when you still recognise your business after we’ve finished talking about it. Our job is to bring out the best of what’s already in your business. Then we make sure you consistently communicate the best version of yourself to clients, prospects, employees and others.

Brand: Your brand isn’t your logo, it’s what people say about you when you’re not in the room. If they’re saying you don’t look right for the job, it doesn’t matter if you’re truly the best in the world. The right brand for your business has you punching at your weight or primed for growth.

Brand strategy: Your brand strategy is how you’re going to make sure the right people start or keep saying the right things about you — whether you’re not in the room or not. A good reputation is a wave you can ride to growth.

Always ready: If you don’t need us on an ongoing basis, we’ll be ready with a comprehensive knowledge of your business when you need us to come back.

Right plan. Right people.

Working with us is the difference between having a first-aid kit and the run of the pharmacy. We don’t keep a tiny stock of jacks-of-all-trades under our roof. We wait until we know exactly what you need then we bring the band together. That way, you’re only ever working with specialists in what you need when you need them. Your team is the size you need it to be. And no one is learning on the job or having a go on your dollar.

If you already have a greater marketer or communicator in-house, that’s fantastic. We can supplement their skills with the expertise they need. We’re the back-up — extra resources, new tools, scale up, scale down. Good marketers love bringing us in because they know there’s no one in marketing who knows it all (even when their LinkedIn profiles say they do).

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