Affinity Communications transforms the conversations you are having
with your customers, staff and influencers. We build communications and
content strategies for small and medium-sized organisations in Australia,
Asia, the Middle East and the US.

We quickly cut through the clutter to identify and understand your business issues.

We know how strategic communications and content:

  • opens new channels
  • drives new business
  • supports existing business
  • builds your profile in target markets


Affinity works with senior leadership teams to develop answers to three key questions:

1. Who are your customers?
2. What is the problem you are solving for them?
3. Why will they buy your solution?

When do you know you have a communications problem? Clients typically come to us when their internal culture is dysfunctional, their website is bothering them, customers don’t “get” what they do, their pitch is “off”, they can’t define what they do. Basically, they’ve got an itch. Something isn’t right but there’s not always a clear cause.

In almost every instance, communications – or lack of – lie at the heart of the issue. And strategic communications will be critical to the solution.

Maybe it’s time to ask yourself some questions:

  • Can you articulate why you are in business and what customer problems you solve?
  • Do you have a well articulated vision that informs your business strategy and behaviour?
  • Do you know who your customers are and their major pain points?
  • Do your staff and customers understand where your business is headed?
  • Do you have clear messages you communicate consistently to the marketplace?
  • Is your website attracting, retaining and growing sales prospects?
  • Have you got a clear and properly communicated issues management plan to support business continuity and protect your reputation?




Understanding your business and customers from the inside out.

Ideation and delivery of the communications strategy to address specific business
outcomes and challenges.

Project direction of inhouse and agency resources to deliver on plan and on budget.



  • Communications strategy to overarch and guide every conversation you are having whether that be one:to:many, one:to:few or one:to:one
  • Content strategy and development to align your content market strategy to customer calls-to-action across web, mobile, print and audio visual platforms
  • Insights gathering and development of reports and business cases to support organisational
  • Issues management and planning to risk mitigate and minimise attrition resulting from both projected and unforeseen incidents and events

Programmes are tailored to the size of your business (big or small), your revenue targets and business goals. We deliver cost effective communications platforms, with inbuilt scalability to grow with your business.


Affinity Communications is spearheaded by Melissa Donnelly, a highly experienced communications and content strategist with more than 25 years in the corporate, medium and small business sectors.

Melissa is particularly credentialled in the B2B and IT&T sectors, including: mining services; transportation; digital music; fixed, mobile and satellite communications: online and mobile gaming; pay television; software development and enterprise solutions.

Affinity operates across geographic, cultural and business boundaries. Our model delivers successful outcomes, no matter whether the client is headquartered in the USA, Europe, the Middle East, Asia or Australia.

Affinity is founded on Melissa’s vast experience living and working in both developed and developing markets worldwide, along with her diverse network of agencies and talent built up over two decades.



“As the President of Comtech Mobile Datacom Corporation, I was fortunate to work directly with Melissa. She provided the expert marketing focus, international subcontractor management, and team leadership needed to build a brand and product set from the ground up. Her work was consistently outstanding.

Melissa conceptualized and then coordinated the launch of our commercial product lines’ marketing strategy, seamlessly integrating three distinct product groups in to a single corporate level brand strategy that was carried through to our web page, advertising and technical data sheets.

Effective marketing and communication professionals are a rarity, and in Melissa, I found someone with the demonstrated expertise and hands-on skills needed to make our strategy a reality.”

Dan Wood, Principal at Continuum Management Solutions/Former President, Comtech Mobile Datacom (www.comtechmobile.com)

“Affinity Communications provided strategic communications counsel and management to Helping Hands in relation to a very specific brief. The support of Melissa and her team was invaluable in addressing each of our stakeholders, and ensuring that critical information was communicated effectively and efficiently. Throughout the project, Melissa supported us in defining and enunciating our position, and providing both the strategic advice and tactical project direction we required to successfully address our business objectives.”

Libby Kerr, Manager, Helping Hands Network Pty Ltd (www.helpinghandsnetwork.com.au)

“Under Melissa’s guidance and counsel, EPIC Employment implemented a highly effective communications strategy. Melissa swiftly cut through the clutter to gain a keen understanding of the issues we wanted to address. Importantly, she also sourced third party agency support and directed the team, all the while operating under very tight timeframes. Her strategic communications expertise, coupled with her committed approach to project direction, were exactly the combination EPIC was seeking.”

 Bill Gamack, Chief Executive Officer, EPIC Employment Service Inc. (www.epic.org.au)

“Affinity took time to really understand our business strategy. Then worked with the internal team to develop a communications strategy that delivered to that business strategy. They presented us with numerous well targeted opportunities through their engagement with us.”

Deb Richardson, Director, 9 Strategic (www.9strategic.com)


“There is no doubting how clever most businesses are, and the smarts they build into their products and services. What often is missing is an understanding of the customer pain point that those products and services are there to solve. I like to think of communications as the glue between the customer need and the business smarts.”

Melissa Donnelly, Director, Affinity

CALL / +61 434 433 422
EMAIL / melissa@affinitycomms.com
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