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What’s your coffee shop moment?

At FIN-PAY we describe the origin story for the company as our “coffee shop moment”.

A coffee shop is quite literally where our CEO Ian Parke was sitting when he saw for himself the huge impact clunky, legacy technology was having on merchants and their customers.

He was stunned to see a customer trying to pay a barista for her cup of coffee, and walking out empty-handed when her digital wallet couldn’t connect to his payment terminal.

Ian realised that network outages and crippling terminal fees were a huge stumbling block for small business owners.

Then and there he started creating a simple solution that would remove terminals from the payment process.

Why not develop a free app that would transform a cafe owner’s mobile phone into a payment processing terminal?

It was at this moment when FIN-PAY was born – a simple solution to a massive global problem.

I share this story every day with partners, our team, and vendors.

In just a few short sentences this story helps people understand what FIN-PAY is all about,

that merchants are our north star, and

….that our vision is for every merchant in every corner of the planet to be able to accept every form of payment from their customers.

Why do you think most people start a business?

  • Don’t fit the corporate world
  • Want a different lifestyle
  • Want to make a difference

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