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A corporate narrative is crucial for your comms strategies to pay off

“My purpose is to expand and sell my services everywhere”

Nothing worse than asking about a company’s purpose and getting that kind of answer.

A company may be inanimate, but customers are humans and need to connect at a human level. And a compelling reason for why you are in business, and what you stand for are key to building that connection with your customers. 

So what is a “corporate narrative”? It’s the story arc that encapsulates:

1. Why do you exist
2. How you are built
3. What makes you unique and relevant
4. How your business solves a problem for your customers. 

52% of the companies with top-performing content marketing teams use a corporate narrative in their communication strategies. 

In this PDF, I share the key ingredients of a memorable corporate narrative that will connect and engage your audience. 

I’m curious to hear from you, do you have a memorable origin story for your business? 

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