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Yesterday was one of my favourite days.

The reason wasn’t a big bang flashy launch or signing a new client deal. It was a smaller, quieter moment I shared with an amazing team.
And it was my favourite because they saw their new strategic plan for the first time. They were introduced to their vision, values, objectives, and their priorities for the coming 3 years. 
No matter how often I do this, it never ever gets old. Here’s a snippet of my conversation with the staff: 
The journey towards designing, articulating, and living a strategy is not for teams who are satisfied with the status quo. 
This process is for the teams who know that this isn’t as good as it gets.
A great strat plan carves out a simple truth and provides the language for that truth to be shared again and again.
It holds up a mirror for staff to see the importance and value of the work you do every day. 
 A QUESTION: What’s your favourite day?

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