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Are you prostituting your personal brand to build a profile?

I recently ran a poll asking if people were comfortable leveraging their personal brands to build their businesses.

This can be an uncomfortable conversation for many of us.

Not everyone aspires to tick the “influencer” box. And most of us don’t want to share the minutiae of our daily lives to build a network.

What the poll responses tell me is that most of us are navigating the path between building our personal authority, and doing or saying just about anything to grab attention.

✅ 55 % Of my contacts who took the poll are comfortable leveraging the power of their personal brands to build their business

✅ 24 % Are still getting used to it

✅ 21 % Are not comfortable with the idea

Building your brand is not about being a social butterfly. It’s about having the confidence to know you bring something valuable to the table that will make a difference for the folks consuming your content.

What’s the value you bring to the table for your connections and network?

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