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“I can’t wait to work harder to make my boss richer!”…said nobody EVER

I’m pretty sure your employees don’t show up for work every day dreaming about contributing to your wealth. ?

There’s got to be more in it for staff than just increasing profits. And the research backs this up:

?️79% of business leaders agree that businesses should be driven by a purpose to guide decision-making (2016 PRICEWATERHOUSE COOPERS, S.C.(Hong Kong) survey).

?️72% of respondents from US companies believe that company purpose should be more important than profit (2019 McKinsey & Company survey)

?️Nearly two-thirds of millennials research a company’s socio-environmental commitments before deciding where to work.

Employees need to know what you stand for and why they should care.

There’s a couple of great questions to ask your team that will help guide the development of a purpose statement for your business. Check out the pdf ?

What do you think? Profit before purpose?

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