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I may not wear my undies on the outside, but please let me do my job.

I had a very frustrating conversation last week, and I can’t let it go. 

I believe that everyone has a superpower. Mine is cutting through the clutter to get to the gems.

I may not be superman and wear my undies on the outside, but this I can do. ?‍♀️

When it comes to communications, it means I can quickly see what makes a business unique and find the language to carve out that space in the market.

But in the frustrating conversation I had last week, I was like the plumber with the client who complains about being charged $1000 for 5 minutes to fix a leaky pipe.

The plumber tells the customer: ?‍?
“The part for the pipe was $2, and my charge for knowing exactly where to install it was $998.”

It’s not just about paying for the superpower. It’s the superpower AND the experience to know where to use it.

That’s the combo that delivers an articulate strategic plan, transformative brand structure, a website that drives new business, a narrative for the market which attracts investors to a capital raise……

None of this involves superman undies. Just allowing the people with superpowers and experience to do their thing.

MY QUESTION: What’s your superpower?

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