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The simplicity & power of great communications.

I’m calling out the crap!
This a crappy LinkedIn post about a man hugging a monkey & toilet paper. ?

Now that I have your attention….I got an email last week that reminded me about the simplicity & power of great communications.

It was crap! Literally… was from a company called Who Gives A Crap?

You guessed it, they sell toilet paper. And they send reminders to order more loo paper based on your usage patterns…..don’t ask!

Their emails rock. Why?
✅ My problem is solved in 2 sentences
✅ I can’t resist the call-to-action
? AND….they’re 100% on-brand, all the time.

This is branding & comms at their best. Beyond the clever, memorable business name, they live their brand & execute it flawlessly at every touchpoint.

From their website to packaging & messages on their loo rolls – Who Gives a Crap don’t miss an opportunity to position their brand.

Love it.
So there’s my crappy post for today.

❓ What was the last brilliant communication you received ❓

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