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Clearly, it’s not possible to win every piece of new business we chase – wouldn’t that be nice?

And there are always very good reasons why a client goes in another direction. Some boxes you’ll tick, and others you won’t.

All’s fair in love and business. Right? Wrong!

What about losing business simply because your competitors sound and look better?

You KNOW you’ve got the goods…but they SAY they’ve got the goods.

✔ Does your brand stand out from the crowd?
✔ Is your website dragging people in?
✔ Can prospective clients find you?
✔ Do you come across like a company they want to do business with?
✔ What do they hear about you from other clients?

This is not a definitive list. But it’s certainly a start if you want to remind prospective clients that you’re not just A solution, you’re THE solution.

❓ Is your brand helping you win business ❓

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