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The Secret About Getting People Share Your Content

Psssst…..I’m going to share a secret about getting people to share your content

Ready? Wait for it….drum roll, please…..

Here ‘tis…..

Imagine when you’re writing content that you’re sitting across the table from the reader talking to them in person. 

What? That’s it? Yep. 

It might sound obvious, but as content creators, we sometimes forget we’re communicating with human beings – not “market segments”.

They’re real people with:

? Struggles
? Sense of humour
? Expectations

So what’s the trick to “humanising” your content? 

Create a Buyer Persona profile before you start writing.

In this PDF, I share suggestions for your Buyer Persona profile that take into account the human drivers that will get your content |read and – most importantly – shared.

Spoiler alert ⚠️ Start your Persona with the name of your character.

Mine is called Fred (ha….didn’t see that coming did you?). I think about my friend, Fred, whenever I create new content. 

What’s the name of your ideal buyer and what’s one characteristic that defines him/her/them?

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