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WIFM is all that counts in a crisis

What’s In It For Me.

Delta Airlines pushed consumer-centric communications to new levels of excellence in its response to operational issues during the pandemic.

By focusing the conversation on its customers, Delta Airlines managed to mitigate the impact of the crisis and reach a positive resolution. 

It’s a harsh truth that when your business is going through tough times, your customers don’t care about you and your problems, regardless of whether the crisis was provoked by internal or external issues.

From your customers’ perspective, they are the ones who are suffering the consequences of your crisis. 

Even for the most empathetic of us, it’s natural to consider our own situation first and to be concerned about how a crisis is going to impact us. The WIFM factor! 

In this PDF, you’ll find great examples from Delta about the customer promises they made and the customer-centric messaging they communicated. ?? 

Besides consumer-centric communication, what else do you think is important to address when things go wrong in business? 

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