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Forget the 1 percenters.

Forget the 1 percenters. It’s the 99 percenters that are growing their brands and businesses.

If you’re a Jim Collins fan, you’ll know this quote from Jim and Jerry Porra: “Building a visionary company requires one percent vision and 99 percent alignment.” 

Why is the 99% important? Because two-thirds of your staff don’t know why they show up to work each day.

And if they don’t know what the plan is, how can they possibly sell the dream to your customers?

This is where alignment comes in. It’s why it’s the first part of our methodology. Check out our roadmap below.

We can’t deliver brand and communications plans that will build businesses if they don’t align with your vision.

During this phase of the programme, we ask our clients 3 strategic questions:
✔ Why do you exist? 
✔ What’s the problem you solve? 
✔ How do you solve it better than anyone else? 

Next come the brand alignment questions:
? What do you stand for? 
? What do you want to be known for?
? Why should I work for you or buy from you?

A QUESTION FOR YOU: Are you in the 99% where your strategy & brand align?

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