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It’s easy when we live in a digital bubble.

It’s easy when we live in a digital bubble to assume our customers are all as device-savvy and easily distracted by #brightshinythings as we are.

For many communicators & marketers, we’ve responded to diminishing brand attachment by upping the pace & volume of our messaging.
We figure if we shout long & hard enough at our customers, they’ll eventually fall into line & love us for it.
Wrong!! Quite the opposite is happening. All we’re doing is adding overload to distraction for our overwhelmed customers. 
It’s estimated we’re bombarded by up to 10,000 ads every day. Assuming we put our screens away for 7 hours at night, that’s 10 ads per minute per day… every 6 seconds.
So by the time you’ve read this post, you’ll have been exposed to 10 ads…& that’s without social feeds, news, podcasts, articles, browser searches……..
I’m slammed just thinking about it.
So instead of shouting from the digital rooftops, I suggest we challenge ourselves to focus on #communications that answer THE most important question for our customers: “what’s in it for me?”
❓Do you ever feel brands are shouting at you instead of engaging with you❓

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