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You’ll often hear people say perfection is the enemy of the good. But isn’t that a cop-out?

I’d argue that mediocrity is the real enemy here. Ordinary is the enemy of excellence.

It’s not demanding perfection to send a copy back to be redrafted. It’s not being a perfectionist to work and rework a campaign headline.

It’s definitely not perfection-seeking to ask a designer to rework a concept.

Accepting average, ordinary, or mediocre damages your brand, your reputation, and your relationships.

All you’ll see from a mediocre email campaign are unsubscribes. An average website landing page will deliver bounces, not sales.

Visual communications that are ordinary and mundane won’t excite your team or your customers. How can they rally behind a mediocre brand?

There’s nothing wrong with chasing excellence. I’m sure you drive for excellence every day in your business, so should your communications be the thing that lets the side down?

?‍♀️ I have a question for you: When does your perfectionist streak get in the way? ?‍♀️

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