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The Story Of Brand Rebirth

? Chapter 1: nothing is off-limits.

It was hard to tell her that the years were starting to show. Affinity had delivered amazing service but was looking dull, faded & irrelevant. Time for a brand rebirth.

A golden truth is that you only change your brand if something is changing in your business.

In the case of Affinity, we’d pulled the entire business apart over the past 12 months.

Nothing was off-limits:
1. Who was our ideal client?
2. What services would solve our ideal clients’ problems?
3. Who would deliver those services?
4. What was our pipeline for growth?
5. What were my ambitions for this business?

The answers to these questions changed the fundamentals driving Affinity Communications.

Sure…superficially we needed a fresh coat of paint.

BUT…strategically the brand needed to be more powerful & impactful. It needed to clearly articulate what Affinity stands for & why you should work with us.

❓ When did you last do a “nothing off-limits” review of your business ❓

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