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Being the global wank word bingo champion isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Many years ago, one of my favourite games was wank word bingo. And I’m embarrassed to say I had a natural talent for it.

While jargon is a sure-fire ego booster – “I’m waaaay smarter than everyone else in the room” – it does nothing to meet your communications goal to be understood.

Harvard Business Review shares some great tips for avoiding jargon – and I’ve added a couple to help you avoid being a wank word bingo champion:

❌ Jargon may have a place when you’re dealing with subject matter experts, but it should be the exception, not the rule.
? When clarity and engagement are important – jargon can cost you.
? Ask yourself if there’s a simpler way to communicate.
? Set the tone from the start – build jargon-free language into your brand style guide and embed it into your culture.

❓ My question: what jargon do you try to avoid ❓

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