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This is going to get personal… really personal

Are you getting nervous? People always get uncomfortable when I get too “personal”.

But when we’re persuading an audience to think something or do something, it’s all about getting personal.

Any time we make a decision, we are driven by rational and emotional triggers. The art of great persuasive communications is to pull both levers in the right combination.

While rational facts and figures are an important part of the mix, it’s our emotions that play a huge part in our decision-making.

A couple of ideas to help you get personal:

⚠️ Remove the distance between you and your audience – words like “you” and “yours” and “us” and “ours” connect you to your audience. 
Much more powerful than distancing words like “they” “theirs” and “its”.

? Everyone loves a happy ending – most of us grew up listening to stories that started with “once upon a time” and ended with “happily ever after”. 
Build a story in which your audience is the hero and they’re on a journey towards a happy ending.

? Gift wrap the data – I can’t think of a single instance where dry facts and figures win arguments. 
Data definitely support rational decision-making, but it’s really potent when it’s wrapped in context and colour and a strong narrative.

Try these out the next time you’re putting together a persuasive argument or presentation.

Don’t take it personally, but you’d be silly not to….

When do you get like to get personal with your customers?

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