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What Every Communications Strategy Needs

Don’t dump with a PowerPoint and run away.

I like to say that strategy without execution is just a fantasy ??‍♀️

While a beautifully designed strategy presentation may impress clients (and make me feel good), they’re useless if the strategy behind them can’t be implemented. 

I’m a believer in “actionable strategic plans” and the list of ingredients for an actionable plan is surprisingly not a long one. Check it out in my guide below.

Some tips to consider:
? Test your strategy regularly: you’ll only improve what you’re measuring.
? Build strategic muscle memory into your business: innovation and strategic thinking is all-of-business responsibility.  
? Bring the action: it takes energy and momentum to implement a strat plan. Identify a sponsor and champion, build the implementation team, and set ambitious deadlines. 
What’s a great result you’ve delivered recently for a client or customer?

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