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The Heart Of The Affinity Methodology

I’ve always had a “thing” for stationery shops. Doesn’t matter if it’s Officeworks or kikki.K.

My strange fetish is all about clean slates. All those reams of fresh paper and unused pens. Ready for me to make my mark.
Sadly I have the world’s worst handwriting, so I don’t think my clients would be grateful for a #communications plan in my scrawl.
It doesn’t mean I don’t have a fresh canvas to work from every time I create a new plan. 
The plan is at the heart of stage 2 of my methodology: Design in systems. We need a plan in order to build a system around how we deliver it to the market. 
The plan uses the PESO model developed by Gini Dietrich, author of “Spin Sucks”:
P = Paid media
E = Earned media
S = Shared media
O = Owned media
I’ve shared a visual of the model below.

What I love about it is the focus on content – in all its forms. Businesses can’t communicate without content. And it’s a great platform to consolidate our brand messaging and positioning statement into a single place.
What’s your favourite store to browse in?

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