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Why do you need a love triangle for your business?

Why you need a love triangle for your business.

I’m guessing most CEOs don’t sit around discussing love triangles.
But the concept of a love triangle is relevant when we frame up a #communicationsstrategy.

What makes a love triangle? The tension between the 3 parties….no need to take that analogy further.

What makes an effective communications framework? The tension between the 3 components: Clarity, Consistency & Customer-Voice.

You can see below how these pieces work together. 

The customer’s voice holds up the structure – without it, your comms won’t hit its target.
Without clarity, there’s little point in being consistent….all you’ll achieve is consistent confusion.
And without consistency, it doesn’t matter if your customer’s voice is spot-on or your offer is clear, the messages won’t stick.
❓ What do you think is more important – clarity, consistency, customer-voice ⁉

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