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“?????? ??? ???? ?????. ??? ???????? ??????? ???? ????, ??? ??? ???? ????????? ?????.”

What’s not to love about an email that starts like that? Naturally, I totally agree with this statement ? but…much more importantly…I’m going to read on.

And it’s important that I do. This fabulous opening line was from a hardware store confirming an online order delivery.

The supplier needed me to know there could be delays due to COVID.

Wrapping up bad news in pretty words is not a plan when the news is serious, but capturing my attention with a bald-faced ego-stroke was perfect in this context. ?

What’s the lesson?

If the purpose of your communications is to share important (but not particularly exciting) news, then a fabulous opening line is a great option.

It gives you a far better chance of readers getting to the info they need.

With the overload of COVID messages we’ve seen this year, this stood out from the pack!

Simple but effective. That’s the art of great comms.

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