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Discombobulated – a word I NEVER ever thought I’d use

While I love the way it rolls around in your mouth when you say it out loud, there just never been a good reason to include it in my #communications.

But in my last post of the year, I really wanted to sum up 2020 in a single word. And it was eluding me until discombobulated popped into my head.

It means confused & disconcerted. What better word to describe a year that has thrown radically new ways of living, working, travelling & connecting to all of us.

A year which has impacted every member of our society. Nobody has been immune from the pandemic or its consequences.

For brands, there have been hard learnt lessons we’ll be studying for decades to come. We’ve thrown out the rule book & changed the way we buy from brands & engage with them.

So….I leave you with “discombobulated” while I regroup, process this amazing year & plan my attack on 2021. Stay safe & well.

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