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Is there a right & wrong way to talk about inclusion?

Willing an inclusive culture doesn’t make it so. And neither does just talking about it.

For business leaders who’ve committed to being more inclusive, their #communications style will be as impactful as the words they use & actions they take.

Spruiking your company’s policies and procedures isn’t going to cut it.

A recent Harvard Business Review article provides pointers from inclusive leaders:

? They use audience-centred language – they identify their audience’s needs & personalise their language.
? They demonstrate their subject matter expertise – they provide both content & relevance.
? They’re authentic – their words match their intentions & their actions.

It’s about your audience knowing you genuinely care about inclusion, & that they can trust you’ll do what you say you’ll do.

So if inclusion is on your list for 2021, take charge of your message & apply the learnings from other leaders who are crushing it.

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