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So you bought a new company. What’s next?

It speaks volumes for the economy we’re living in that I’ve had more conversations in the past few weeks about company acquisitions than I’ve ever had.

Companies are on the acquisition path for any number of reasons… diversification, growth, expansion, risk mitigation….

But the common goal is usually to acquire market share and revenues. While the strategy is clear, the devil will be in the detail.

The success or failure of acquisition can come down to the #communications basics:

? Have you informed staff, customers & other stakeholders?
? Is it business as usual?
? How do staff answer the phone?
? Are email addresses the same?
? Is the business name changing?

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

So while you’re popping champagne corks over your newest acquisition, take a moment to consider what it means to your staff & customers. And plan how you will communicate with them.

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