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What’s it take to get that winning feeling?

Even when I was a kid, there was no high that beat winning. It didn’t matter what it was.

A spelling competition (yes..I was THAT nerd), nailing a ballet performance, swimming a personal best, a smile from a cute guy (I’ll take what I can get!).

That “high” from a win is the best adrenalin rush ever invented.

What’s EVEN better about it, is that a win doesn’t need to come at someone else’s expense. You don’t have to BEAT someone ELSE to win.

These days my buzz comes less from cute guys (sorry hubby!) & more from client wins. Great results from a campaign, a vibrant new brand hitting the market, a sales process that kicks ass.

I’m a relentless optimist & junkie for the buzz, so I’ll go to the nth degree to chase down the win.

The trick is to define what it is before we leap. What’s a win for the client? What will it mean for them individually & for their business?

“When you win, remember
next time you could lose.
When you lose, remember

next time you can win.”

– Simon Sinek

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