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Comms myth #3: Communication comes naturally.

It’s tricky to talk to business leaders about communication. They’ll be quick to ask why we need to talk strategy and planning. After all, “doesn’t it just happen?”.
Our instinct is to assume that because we communicate every minute of every day, it’s natural. And maybe that’s true for humans, but not for organisations. 
The difference is that businesses are communicating with intent. 
Why do they need a plan? Because purposeful communications don’t happen over a chat at the footy or a scribbled note on the back of a coaster at the pub.
They will only be as successful as the planning framework that’s wrapped around them.
The good news? There’s no secret sauce to a great plan. Just the fundamentals articulated clearly and executed well.
CHECK OUT the PDF below for the 8 ingredients you’ll need. 

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