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Communications Myth #4: Brands Bounce

People often say they don’t “get” what #brand means. But we’re all quick to expect brands to prop-up organisations when times get tough.
Think about “brand Melbourne”. It risks becoming forever linked to a (hopefully!) one-off pandemic.
Can Melbourne ever be known for something other than COVID?
While it’s tempting to say: “Sure it will. Melbourne has a strong brand and reputation, it can survive anything”…that’s not necessarily the case.
Brands aren’t rubber balls. They don’t hit rock bottom and bounce right back.
Some characteristics of durable, robust brands:
* Rock-solid foundations
* Integrity
* Legitimacy
* A social license
* Sound values
* A resilient operating system
Do you want a valuable brand? You need to consider if it has what it takes to survive the worst the world can throw at it.
What is most important in my list of “robust brand” characteristics? 

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