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(COVID) Communications myth #6: Silence is golden

As offices are vacated once again around the country and companies shift to WFH, what do we say to our staff and customers?

While it might be tempting to revert to the cone of silence, remember it didn’t work for Maxwell Smart…so there’s no reason to think it will work for you.

Saying nothing to staff, customers, investors, and other stakeholders is simply not an option. 

Saying nothing creates a vacuum into which fear, uncertainty, and doubt will creep. And those 3 “characters” damage brands and businesses faster than almost anything else.

Your competitors, if they’re smart, will seed the market with their own messaging. They’ll elbow you out of the way and you’ll have a front-row seat while your hard-won share of voice and wallet diminish. 

It’s ok if you don’t have all the answers. It’s ok to acknowledge the road ahead is a little bumpy. What’s NOT ok is to leave your staff and customers hanging.

The basic principles will always stand you in good stead:
✔ Acknowledge what’s changed
✔ Articulate the impact on your staff and customers
✔ Outline how you’re addressing the situation
? Communicate consistently, regularly, and clearly.

A question: Is there ever a time when it’s best to stay silent⁉

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