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Communications Myth #7: My product sells itself

In the history of product sales, I can guarantee the ONLY product that sells itself is the free set of steak knives you get with every crazy shopping channel purchase you make.

We business owners can be so in love with our products, we forget our customers only give a damn about getting their problem solved.

To be honest, the product or service itself is almost irrelevant.

The key is communicating how it solves a problem for your customer.

If you rely on the “I’ve built, they will come” method only 2 things will happen: 

⚠️ In the vacuum, the market (employees, customers, investors, competitors) will create your narrative. Are you willing to give up that power?

⚠️ Your product won’t sell OR it might sell once but you won’t see cross-sales or repeat sales. 

My question: What’s the customer problem your product or service solves?

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