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Communications Myth #8: I don’t have competitors

There isn’t a business on earth that doesn’t have competition of one type or another. 

You may be in the envious position of owning your category or dominating your market segment, but you’re still competing.

It can be just as tough to cut through the competition for your customers’ share of mind as it is to cut through competing offers for their share of wallet.

What’s contributing to the noise and clutter?
? Social media feeds
? Video streaming
? Podcasts
? Water cooler conversations & instant messaging
? Email
? Newsfeeds
? Influencers
? Tiktok…..YouTube….home schooling….enuf said.

So as a business owner, you’re kidding yourself if you think you have no competition. 

The trick is to identify what else is competing for your ideal customer’s attention and get your brand front and centre on those platforms. 

I probably won’t be rushing to TikTok any time soon, but I’m always analysing where we can engage with potential customers in the spaces they inhabit.

What is competing for your customers’ attention?

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