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Comms Myth #9: I’ve built it, they will come

I call this one the “field of dreams” myth. Anyone old enough to have seen the eponymous movie starring Kevin Costner will know exactly what I mean. 

It’s possible – even when you’ve created the most gorgeous product in the world – to lose business to competitors whose experience and reputation are no match to yours.

Surely not, you say? 

Think of the situation from this perspective.

When you’re so in love with your solution that you forget about the human being you’re selling it to, it’s easy to let an inferior company cut your grass.

Excuse the “field” pun…couldn’t help myself.

Regardless of your efforts to make the sale, there’s a moment when the decision is entirely in the buyer’s hands.

This is when your brand needs to do the talking for you.

3 things a heavy-hitting brand needs to do to convince a buyer:

⚡Be visually consistent across everywhere they turn

⚡Carry a unique voice that resonates with your buyer

⚡Have in-built social proof: client testimonials and case studies

Because your brand is inextricably linked to your sales, it needs to be:

✅ Consistent

✅ Clean 

✅ Shiny & fresh-based

What’s a corporate or personal brand you love because of the impact it makes?

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