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Communications Myth #2: Size Matters

Imagine if the person who developed “Just do it” for Nike was a lover of long sentences.

That brilliant tagline could have been: “If you think you can, you probably should get around to it now.” Not good!

It may seem counter-intuitive, but it takes a load more effort and discipline to craft a short sentence. To find words that add to your message and leave out the ones that don’t.

I thought my vocab was pretty impressive, but Deidre Macken shared a newbie in a recent article: parataxis?

It’s when the sum of enough short sentences is greater than the parts. Paratactic sentences help readers focus on an idea, thought, or emotion.

I am challenged by this every day. Can I get to the point in sooner? Can I say something powerful in 2 short sentences instead of one loooong one?

If you want your communications to engage, activate or persuade…try short sentences. Just do it!

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