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Communications myth #1: Quantity wins over quality.

I’m going to confess – sometimes quantity counts. If I can buy two pairs of shoes for the price of one…I’ll take two. If I can get away with 10 half-baked burpees versus 5 kick-ass ones…I’m going with 10.  
But when we’re talking about communicating corporate strategy, I think we’re measuring the wrong activity.
Often our default setting is quantity. There’s no lack of emails, town halls, team meetings, IM & more. But do teams understand what it all means?
Harvard Business Review tells us they don’t: 
? Only 55% of middle managers can name even one of their company’s top 5 strategic priorities. 
? Less than 1/3rd of direct reports understand the connection between strategic priorities.
How can teams execute what they don’t understand?
No matter how much senior leadership talks strategy, it seems messages aren’t getting traction.
What we should be measuring instead of quantity, is how well-engaged teams are & whether they connect strategy to execution.
MY QUESTION: When is quality more important than quantity?lity more important than quantity?

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