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Is content overload giving you “Exploding Brain Syndrome”?

Ever had those moments when your brain has cached so much info it can’t take more in?

In this video, I talk about a condition I call “Exploding Brain Syndrome”.

If you’re posting on LinkedIn you’re as culpable as I am. We’re breeding a voracious knowledge monster that’s getting fat on the content we feed it hourly, daily & more.

Exploding Brain Syndrome is caused by content bombardment everywhere we look PLUS the expectation to DO something with it.

It’s a multiplier effect:
# of pieces of content/day ❌ 1-2 actions/piece/day = Exploding Brain Syndrome.

The challenge for businesses is to avoid falling into the monster’s trap. Think first, act later. Your staff & customers will thank you for it.

Check out the video for more.

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