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How to get an email opened and read and – most importantly – shared.

Why did an email from Steven Lewis make my day?

Yesterday’s inbox was packed with “scintillating” subject lines – “Download your EOFY report” and “EOFY must-dos to tick off your list”.

And then it arrived: “My grandmother is calling bullshit”?  ?

Naturally, I read Steven’s email…who could ignore it!

BUT even more importantly I forwarded it to a client whom I’ve recommended engage Steven for their new website. 

By targeting me as a human being and recognising I’m very likely bored by EOFY overload, Steven has done 2 things really well:
? Reinforced his unique skillset
? Delivered to me the perfect tool to sell-in his services to a client.

Two birds with one stone.

What’s the trick? Steven never forgets he’s communicating with human beings rather than “market segments”.

His copy considers the human drivers that are going to get an email opened and read and – most importantly – shared.

It’s easy as a communicator to obsess over data and analytics, and forget there are humans on the receiving end of our campaigns. 

❓Who has sent you an email recently that you just HAD to read❓

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