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It’s never easy to tell someone that she’s starting to show her years. Even if it’s your own brand.

But the time had come, and last year we pulled Affinity Communications apart after 11 years of hard service. You’ll have heard me say a million times that you only change your brand if something is changing in your business.

And plenty has changed for Affinity and my team of super experts. When Affinity was first conceived back i n 2010, it was to serve a major anchor client based in the USA.

Over more than a decade, we’ve revamped 13 brands, served 24 clients (with an average tenure of 3 years) and outsourced well over $1.5M i n projects to contractors.

That foundation gives clients access to:

  • Experts who translate business strategies into comms, marketing & brand that
  • ensure success
  • Strategic comms advice that makes businesses smarter and faster
  • Strategies that have been tested and proven i n all market conditions
  • Systems that deliver the right message, at the right time to the right people

We wanted to share our gorgeous brand rebirth with you because you’ve been on the Affinity journey – some for many years, some for a few weeks.

Click here to find out more about the story of a brand rebirth.

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