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Why size matters. And 5 examples to inspire you

It can be extremely tempting when we’re writing to throw as much content at a wall as possible – and hope some of it sticks. 

The end result is more words, more images, more copy, more explaining….and probably less engagement and fewer conversions than you’d hoped.

There’s an art to getting your point across succinctly. Going large and long-winded is definitely NOT the right strategy. Bigger ≠ better!

How do we keep it brief and punchy?

Use short, powerful sentences to:




Surprisingly, it requires a lot more effort and discipline to be concise than to be verbose.

But I guarantee you’ll achieve better results as your audience focuses on an idea, thought, or emotion, rather than wading through thousands of words.

In this video, I share 5 examples to inspire you. They are from Steven Lewis who did an amazing job developing the copy for my website. 

What is a short sentence you love?

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